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The Great Get Together – A Celebration of Unity

This coming weekend sees the Great Get Together organised by the Jo Cox Foundation – over 110,000 community events will be celebrated to support a message of national unity.

Alongside the local events, a series of acts of solidarity are planned including joint editorials by The Sun and The Mirror and messages of unity from all four living ex-Prime ministers with the aim of “setting aside differences and coming together”. Meanwhile Age UK and Age UK Camden will be hosting a picnic right outside our offices later this afternoon – we’re all looking forward to taking part in the Great Get Together!

To support the amazing Jo Cox Foundation, our blog this week is on the theme of “What unites us?”. Hopefully, this will spur you on to join the Great Get Together:

great get together
The average person aged 55+ drinks over three cups of tea a day!

As Brendan Cox said when launching the Great Get Together “Whether it is elections, referendums or social media sparring, we find plenty of opportunities to talk about things that we disagree with each other on, but far too few occasions to celebrate the things that bring us together.” This weekend let’s come together and celebrate what unites us.

“What unites us is more powerful than what divides us” – Jo Cox.

Jo Cox
A tribute to Jo Cox in Glasgow (CREDIT: JEFF J MITCHELL/GETTY)

Charlotte Cornish

Charlotte is an expert in both qualitative and quantitative research techniques with a wealth of experience in analysing consumer trends and running businesses. Charlotte is a trustee of a local charity, Age UK Richmond and a member of the Age UK London expert panel. In 2015, Charlotte and Anna Grey established Cornish and Grey, a social enterprise providing evaluation and impact strategy support to social purpose organisations.

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