LGBTQ dementia care

Dementia Care in the LGBT* Community

“People who are not LGBT* struggle to understand why it might be very important at times in our lives when we are experiencing particular stresses and changes to be with people with whom there is no need to hide or explain who we are.”

This week’s blog – which appears as part of Dementia Awareness Week – sees Opening Doors London’s Sally Knocker explain how dementia care differs for members of the LGBT* community.

Coming Out in Later Life

This past week saw the celebration of National Coming Out Day (NCOD), an annual day for the recognition of the LGBTQ+ community and the coming out process. Normally my involvement in NCOD is limited to scrolling through posts from friends on social media which detail their past experiences of coming out. However, this year I was struck by an article from 2015, which stated that “coming out in later life is a growing trend”. As a result I began to think as to why that might be the case, and to look into the challenges older LGBTQ+ people face when […]