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One in every twelve private rental tenants is an older person.

Sure, it’s not quite enough to change the general perception that the private rental sector is dominated by the younger demographic typified by generation rent, yet nonetheless, older people represent an increasing number of the renting population and the needs of an older generation living in privately rented accommodation must be addressed as well.

There are various causes attributed to the growing number of older people joining the renting masses; an increase in the divorce rate, downsizing to smaller properties where paying rent might be preferential to another mortgage, or never getting onto the property ladder in the first place – whatever the reason, we think all renters deserve to have accommodation that is of decent quality and relatively stress-free.

It’s the same issues that impact anyone who is renting privately; unstable tenancies, rent increases, properties in disrepair, these are problematic for everyone but are only heightened when applied to tenants of an age in which they may be suffering from a limiting long-standing illness, sight or hearing loss or mobility issues.

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Older people represent an increasing number of the renting population.

It is also concerning to consider that the figures suggest over half (52%) of older renters live alone. So now, more than ever, it’s important to dodge unscrupulous letting providers and dilapidated properties and instead to find decent properties from decent letting providers to enjoy in the later years of life in.

We’ve seen another perception of the older generation begin to change over the past few years in the way that over-60s use the internet. The Office of National Statistics reports that recent internet use in the 65-74 age group has increased by a massive 68.7% since 2011, so we want older renters to get involved in our website and share their experiences too.

Marks Out Of Tenancy is a review website for the private rental sector, we share ratings and reviews of landlords, letting agents, properties and neighbourhoods between tenants so everyone is better informed and can find a tenancy that is going to suit their needs.

We’ve built the site to be as accessible as possible, so it’s easy to leave a review. Just sign up, give your rating and leave a short review for your landlord, letting agent, property and neighbourhood. You can do it on your phone, computer or tablet. It’s safe and secure, anonymous so no one can track your review back to you but best of all, it’s free to use.

Research from the University of York’s centre for housing policy, suggests up to a third of 60-year-olds will be renting by 2040, so it’s vital that older renters start to generate a voice in the private rental sector – let’s start guiding each other today.

Tom Dickinson

Tom is the Operations Manager at Marks Out Of Tenancy, a website that allows tenants to rate a review their landlord, letting agent, property and neighbourhood.

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