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I’m not dead, only offline

About 3 years ago I started to experience health problems which made it impossible to use my computer any longer. When the pandemic was happening, online access became increasingly used for obvious reasons, but I hoped that when restrictions ended life would revert to the previous pattern where “offline” access was freely available.

Unfortunately this has not happened. Offline access is becoming extremely difficult to obtain and I have a daily struggle to persuade companies, organisations and service providers to allow me to use offline options e.g phone, post etc.

My life is becoming squeezed into smaller and smaller access. Many things are “internet only” and I find little sympathy or understanding of my difficulties.

I am not alone in this situation. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people over 65 do not have digital access, and while some can be helped by training and support, for many people like me, this is simply not possible due to health issues e.g. sight, dexterity and dementia.

This problem has affected both my physical and mental health very badly. I feel ignored, cast aside and of no value. I would like to see “offline” access being made mandatory to make me feel once again a full member of society.



Sue Kaye

Sue Kaye has worked with Age UK London and provided insight for our Mind the Digital Gap campaign. Sue does not have online access and is finding it increasingly more difficult to get the services she needs from banking to booking theatre tickets. This is her story in her words.

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