Time May Change Me…

Ageing brings change but doesn’t mean we do not want to do new things, nor that we might not develop new goals and dreams. AARP, where I am currently volunteering, has put together an initiative called ‘life reimagined’. The project aims to help turn people’s goals and dreams into real possibilities through online and offline programmes, experiences, resources and services that help people adapt to their new life phase and live their best lives. It got me thinking about the nature of ageing and change. Having recently married and moved to the USA I am in the land of new. New […]

We All Want to Live in an Age Friendly World

I have just moved to Washington DC, and have been volunteering with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) – in their international department. AARP is probably best described as the USA’s equivalent of Age UK. It is the world’s largest membership organization, with nearly 40m members. In my short time here, I’ve already seen that many of the same challenges exist here as in the UK, as well as seen some interesting new solutions.

The Patience of a Volunteer?

I taught my mum to use the computer. And it took the patient of a saint. I love my mum, but I got very close to breaking off all contact and going out to adoption. To be fair, she got close to disowning me. At the time I suggested that just as you should never get your husband/wife to teach you to drive, your children shouldn’t teach you to use a computer.

So what’s the solution?

Unemployment: My Grandmother Stole My Job!

Well not exactly… but a recent story in the press pointed out an interesting new trend. In 2010, over a third of newly created jobs were being taken by those over 65 and out of work. These people might be taking up a job at 65+ to cover what their pension won’t stretch to, and to make up for savings which no longer pay decent interest. Or, given the role of grandparents these days, even to pay their grandchildren’s university fees! The news often focuses on youth unemployment and worries about what young people – the lost generation – are […]