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Older workers need to be more centre stage in London’s economic recovery

It’s semi-official – London may have its first “Older Workers Champion.” Sadiq Kahn boldly claimed recently he’ll still be working as Mayor in 22 years’ time at least  – at the good age of 74. But before we get the age friendly bunting out, sadly many older London workers in London who also harbour this wish are experiencing difficulties in the labour market and need more support. Media reports show that London’s job market is returning to normal with job vacancies difficult to fill. Certainly, younger workers who bore the brunt of unemployment during the pandemic have bounced back. It […]

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City recovery planning from COVID and older people

Shortly after COVID arrived, demands were made to use it as the opportunity to do things differently, just as cholera epidemics of the nineteenth century led to clean water supplies and sewage systems. This is summarised as ‘Build Back Better’ — the wake-up call that COVID exacerbated problems, requiring us to come together and plan to improves people’s lives and prosperity.