Memories of the Queen

This month we celebrate 35 years of service to Age UK organisations by our Finance and Corporate services officer, Margot Luke. Margot joined what is now Age UK Waltham Forest in September 1987 where she worked for 22 years and joined Age UK London in 2009 where she is an important and much appreciated member of our small team. During her time Margot has seen many changes within the charity, team members  coming and going and a merger between Help the Aged and Age Concern creating what is our network of Age UK today. Margot has also seen many world […]

Community Toilets – the poor relation or a real asset to public toilet provision?

Two minute read… While on holiday in the Canary Islands some years ago I enjoyed the fact that it is common practice for the public to go into any café or restaurant and use their toilet without challenge. Sadly, not so here. Reasonably smartly dressed people with a degree of self-confidence can get away with walking into some places to use their toilets.  McDonald’s is fairly relaxed about non-customers using their facilities but this is not the case with most businesses and some even display notices pointing out that toilets are for customers only. Share this post: Recommend on Facebook […]

Healthy Streets

Older workers need to be more centre stage in London’s economic recovery

It’s semi-official – London may have its first “Older Workers Champion.” Sadiq Kahn boldly claimed recently he’ll still be working as Mayor in 22 years’ time at least  – at the good age of 74. But before we get the age friendly bunting out, sadly many older London workers in London who also harbour this wish are experiencing difficulties in the labour market and need more support. Media reports show that London’s job market is returning to normal with job vacancies difficult to fill. Certainly, younger workers who bore the brunt of unemployment during the pandemic have bounced back. It […]

Accessible transport

Why we continue to press for a more accessible transport network in London

Being able to travel independently is so important when it comes to living life to the fullest. Unfortunately, according to new research by specialist lawyers Bolt Burdon Kemp, disabled people are far more likely to have issues travelling via public transport than able-bodied people. Around a quarter of Londoners aged 50 and over are disabled compared with 12.7 per cent of Londoners aged 16 to 49 . The proportion of London’s population that are disabled increases with age and 52% of all Londoners aged 65 and over are disabled. The new research found that, despite being the best city in […]