Older Private Tenants Affordability

Special Offer – Spend a £1, Save £10!!!!!

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Almost up there with personal injury lawyers and requests from Nigeria to help someone get their money out of a frozen bank account. But at the Preventive Health 2011 conference on 30th June, we were shown just what was possible in preventative health. It was a packed day, with some excellent speakers. Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer, was passionate but pragmatic about the importance of prevention in the future of the nation’s health, and Dr Clare Gerada, Chair of the Royal College of GPs, spoke words that were music to my ears – […]

Pensioner Crosses Atlantic on Raft!

Congratulations to Anthony Smith, who has rowed across the Atlantic aged 85. Aged 85? Shouldn’t he be in a nursing home? Or at the very least putting the kettle on while he waits for “Countdown” to start? Well if that is what you think then you tell him, because I suspect if he is capable of rowing across the Atlantic he is also quite capable of giving you a clip around the ear… This fantastic achievement is part of a team effort to raise money for the charity “WaterAid” – and Mr Smith is also a former presenter of “Tomorrow’s World” […]