Andrews Salts or a Better Diet?

Care Minister Norman Lamb has announced that there is an urgent need to transform care in the home – highlighting the fact that, according to CQC, 25% of care is failing to meet basic standards. He’s right that this is an accident waiting to happen, but the solution is tricky. The economics of the problem are quite simple. Carers get the minimum wage or just above, and the margins for care agencies are very slim. Local authorities are under pressure from central government to cut costs and so will look to cheaper providers and also make requests such as half […]

Housing: Home is Where the Heart is…

The news last Wednesday featured a report by the Intergenerational Foundation on what they call “house hoarding” – highlighting the housing problems faced by young people. They suggest that older people who stay in their family home are creating a housing crisis and that they should be encouraged to downsize by being given tax breaks (for example on Stamp Duty). There have also been comments on the web about this being unfair on younger people, because these home owners had it easy when the bought their properties. I’m not sure they have really thought this one through . . . Share this […]