Fall prevention

Falls Prevention – Some Practical Steps

This week on the blog, we’re looking into falls prevention. But first of all, here are some scary statistics: One third of people over the age of 65 fall every year Falls are leading cause of injury in older adults Over 400,000 older people attend Accident and Emergency Departments annually as a result of falls So why do we need to look at falls prevention? Clearly with the emphasis in the health service of reducing unplanned admissions, falls represent a huge area for improvement, and one that would have a massive impact on a stretched NHS. But the consequences of […]

Invisible Communities from Europe and beyond

There are nearly one million EU citizens living in London, and almost 100,000 are aged 60 or over, according to Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London. It was partly against this background that we organised a conference on “Invisible communities: Working with older people from Europe and beyond”, with the Social Care Workforce Research Unit (SCWRU) at Kings College London and Making Research Count. At the conference attention was also drawn to the fact that a much wider range of communities are included in the ‘other white’ and ‘other’ census categories. The conference chair, Professor Jill Manthorpe (SCWRU), spoke of a “Eurovision”, rather than a European Union approach to […]