“Them’s Fightin’ Words…” – Terry Pratchett takes on Alzheimer’s Disease

Terry Pratchett is best known for the “Discworld” novels – if you are already a fan then they need no introduction. If you aren’t, then you are seriously missing out. How to describe them? “Comic fantasy” is far too vague, so imagine if Douglas Adams had called PG Wodehouse, Frankie Howerd, Terry Gilliam and the Monty Python team to the pub and said “Listen lads, we’re going to write a book” and you are probably almost there. More recently, Terry Pratchett has become known for his fund-raising and campaigning work as he suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. Share this post: Recommend […]

Oh, the Agony of Choice…

With personalisation upon us, we’re hearing more about the benefits of the choice it brings. “Choice” is a great word for politicians. “Fair” is another one. “We’re giving you choice” or “a fairer system” may sound great, but because they mean different things to different people, political spin doctors rely on people interpreting them in their own way and then thinking that they’re getting something better. But precisely because these words mean different things to different people, they become meaningless. Share this post: Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Print for later Tell a friend

Pensioner Crosses Atlantic on Raft!

Congratulations to Anthony Smith, who has rowed across the Atlantic aged 85. Aged 85? Shouldn’t he be in a nursing home? Or at the very least putting the kettle on while he waits for “Countdown” to start? Well if that is what you think then you tell him, because I suspect if he is capable of rowing across the Atlantic he is also quite capable of giving you a clip around the ear… This fantastic achievement is part of a team effort to raise money for the charity “WaterAid” – and Mr Smith is also a former presenter of “Tomorrow’s World” […]

GP Commissioning – Diagnosis? Missed Opportunity…

There has been much in the press recently about the new role of GPs in commissioning NHS services, and many areas are already forming the shadow health boards that are going to deliver this change. Is it going to improve services or the nation’s health? Sadly I think this is doubtful. Why? Well, first a quick story. There was once a farmer in Wales who was annoyed by local RAF aircraft. Because his barn was at the end of a long valley, RAF Tornado fighter bombers would use it as a target to practise low level bombing runs. The farmer […]