Tell Me! – Our New Campaign on Information

Age UK London is starting a new campaign called “Tell Me!” to improve the information older people get from Councils and the NHS to help access vital public services. We hope to work with older people and local organisations to develop this campaign, which comes from our Your Priorities consultation on older Londoners’ top asks for change. In that consultation, two of the three aspects of life with which the older people responding felt most unhappy were the information they received from local authorities, and their ability to access computers and the internet. You can see the connection between these […]

Some More Evidence About Loneliness

What do we know, or think we know, about loneliness among older people? In this series of posts so far we’ve mainly looked at specific local experiences, so I’m simply going to point out a few of the main pieces of research about loneliness and social isolation in older people. Firstly, loneliness is far too common among older people. Recent research for Age UK shows that over 1 million older people in the UK say they sometimes or always feel lonely. This is particularly striking because it is often thought to be difficult for people to admit to feeling lonely. […]

Are Older Londoners Lonelier?

Following hard on the heels of Gary Jones and Mel Wright’s posts about tackling social isolation and loneliness in Camden, The Guardian Social Care Network has just reported on a study suggesting that older and disabled people in London are more isolated and lonelier than in the rest of the country: This is part of a larger survey of 75,000 adult social care users in England.  So it does not take account of loneliness/isolation affecting older people who don’t receive services.  London in general comes out as having a higher than average level of social isolation. Hackney has the […]

Wealth of the Web: Broadening Horizons Online

Last week Age UK London launched our new report “Wealth of the Web” written by Ben Donovan, calling for more support to help older people get online and take advantage of the digital world: The fact that, for example, 78% of people over 75 in London are not online at a time when more and more Government services (central and local) are becoming “digital by default” is making a lot of people sit up and take notice, and it feels as if this is an issue whose time has come. Our launch event was attended by representatives from eg. […]

Invisible Communities from Europe and beyond

There are nearly one million EU citizens living in London, and almost 100,000 are aged 60 or over, according to Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London. It was partly against this background that we organised a conference on “Invisible communities: Working with older people from Europe and beyond”, with the Social Care Workforce Research Unit (SCWRU) at Kings College London and Making Research Count. At the conference attention was also drawn to the fact that a much wider range of communities are included in the ‘other white’ and ‘other’ census categories. The conference chair, Professor Jill Manthorpe (SCWRU), spoke of a “Eurovision”, rather than a European Union approach to […]

Older Pedestrians’ Safety

  Official figures show that older people are very much over-represented among pedestrians killed on London roads. This came out at a meeting I was at recently between Transport for London (TfL) and charities and campaign groups, looking at how to improve pedestrians’ safety. Share this post: Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Print for later Tell a friend

Older People’s Contribution to London

Do you get tired of older people being labelled as “takers” not givers? It’s particularly annoying at a time when we’ve seen some inspirational older people carrying the Olympic Flame, for example a campaigner for accessible transport or the lady who took the Flame to Downing Street  Share this post: Recommend on Facebook Tweet about it Print for later Tell a friend