An Introduction to Neurology

This week on the blog, our Administration Volunteer Daphne discusses her Master’s degree in Clinical Neurology and the ways in which volunteering has helped to shape her research. This is an introductory blog ahead of a series of posts on neurology from Daphne.

Having studied a Neuroscience course in one of the top universities in London, I have come to be fascinated with how the human brain works. Shortly after graduating from university I started working temporarily in a GP practice as a summariser and I was able to explore new knowledge of many illness and diseases of the brain.

With all the new knowledge I gained by working in a GP practice, as of 2017 I decided to apply for a Master’s degree on Clinical Neurology again in one of the top London, England universities.

As I was waiting for my application to move forward, I was looking to volunteer during the year I would be studying as I planned to leave work and focus mainly on my studies.

During this period, I came across Age UK London’s advert on a volunteering job website and decided to apply and I have a been an Age UK London administrator volunteer since March 2017.

Have very much enjoyed attending and organising events on-site and off-site with Age UK London employees and meeting Age UK London staff and members of the public. I have learnt different strategies of dealing with senior life and this had positive impact on my research paper, which I successfully completed the summer of 2018.

I will be writing here on various topics that will involve our brains and sometimes about how we can make this marvellous organ to function easily with simple exercises and change of simple habits.

Do come back for more!

If you would like to volunteer for Age UK London, please visit our website.

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