Councils Asked to Make the Most of Older People

London’s borough Councils go to the polls on 22 May and we’ve just published our Manifesto ‘Making the Most of Older People‘. It’s in partnership with Greater London Forum for Older People.

We hope our manifesto will make Councillors and council candidates across London aware that older people are active contributors to the community in a whole range of areas like employment, volunteering and providing informal care, as well as users of services which cost the Council money. Councils can get added value for their communities by always  thinking of the potential contribution of older people.

Of course we do need to improve local health and social care services for older people. Age UK’s national Care in Crisis campaign  along with the Care and Support Alliance is pushing for improved national funding for social care allowing support to be extended to far more older people who need it.

It’s not fair to blame councillors for a lack of national funding. But Councils still have a responsibility to commission services so that they provide quality, dignity, choice and control for the person being supported. Many are already looking for innovative ways to work with older people and voluntary organisations to do that.

Between now and the elections on 22 May we’ll be looking for ways to keep ageing and older people on the agenda. It would be really good to hear from you if you’re interested in doing that in your borough.

Age UK London is calling on candidates, if elected, to:

– Make their borough age friendly

– Make travel accessible

– Ensure high quality health and social care services

– Help older people stay fit, active and involved

–  Provide accessible, affordable housing

– Ensure equal opportunities in employment and volunteering

– Make London’s streets safe and attractive

– Make information accessible


Gordon Deuchars

Gordon Deuchars joined Age UK London in 2003. His specialist areas are policy, influencing and campaign work to promote older people’s issues in London. He has developed and coordinated campaigns on issues ranging from social care to transport and employment for older people. Before joining Age UK London Gordon was Policy Officer for AGE, the European Older People’s Platform, which he joined in 2001 soon after its launch. Gordon was responsible for developing international networks on issues like pension reform and social inclusion.

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