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Retire? You must be joking . . .

Sad news in the Sunday papers at the weekend – Ronan O’Gara will be retiring from international rugby after the World Cup. Fresh from the first major upset of the tournament when Ireland stuffed Australia, this is huge news (so for those of you who think rugby is a poor relation to football or worse “just another sport” you may go to paragraph 3).

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Clickety-click, women’s State Pension Age rises to 66!

(but no one’s shouting Bingo…)

Today, hundreds of women aged 51 to 58 from all over the country will be descending on Westminster to protest against the Government’s plans to increase the State Pension Age for women to 66 by 2020.

Why are they protesting? Well, they’re not against the State Pension Age going up per se – most are in favour of the equalisation of men’s and women’s State Pension Ages – and many recognise that they’re living and working for longer, so it makes sense for them to receive their state pension at a later date.

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