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Watch a video of Age UK’s mass lobby of Parliament

Age UK protesters force ministers to delay the Pensions Bill

Exciting news… following my last post, the hundreds of women who converged on Westminster on the 18 May to lobby their MPs – some with their husbands – have forced the Government to rethink its plans over pensions. Congratulations to all of those women and everyone else who wrote to their local MP!

The second reading of the Pensions Bill has now been postponed. Steve Webb, the pensions minister, admitted that the delay will give the Government time to “reflect” on how the changes would adversely affect some women. The proposals must pass a second and third reading before becoming law.

Political pressure is still growing on the issue. About 140 MPs have signed an Early Day Motion asking the Government to raise the pension age more slowly – 14 Liberal Democrat MPs and two Conservatives. It’s thought that the Government was prompted to reconsider the Bill due to fears of a backbench Liberal Democrat rebellion on the vote.

The battle’s not over yet, though, so do please continue to lobby your local MP.

Thank you

My grandmother stole my job!

Well not exactly… but a recent story in the press pointed out an interesting new trend. In 2010, over a third of newly created jobs were being taken by those over 65 and out of work.

These people might be taking up a job at 65+ to cover what their pension won’t stretch to, and to make up for savings which no longer pay decent interest. Or, given the role of grandparents these days, even to pay their grandchildren’s university fees!

The news often focuses on youth unemployment and worries about what young people – the lost generation – are going to do. Society is right to be concerned.  However, unemployment doesn’t just affect the young. When it comes to standing in line at the Jobcentre Plus, it seems that we – whatever age we are – are really in it together.

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