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Update on learning disability and dementia

I was chuffed recently to discover that people read and appreciate my blogs on this site – so I’m inspired to do an update of a subject I spoke about in July. The fact is that people with learning disabilities are living longer but sadly many are developing dementia as they age – as many as 54 per cent of people with Downs aged 60-65 have dementia. So I started asking questions about social care and health preparations for this “new” client group.

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It’s all about cuts…

Amongst all the news and doom of the cuts agenda, life still goes on for the many older people we work with across London. With one in five older people below the poverty line and many living alone, and many with multiple health conditions to manage life isn’t easy. As services disappear the needs of our fellow Londoners remain.

There are many older people who can’t get out, who have no family or friends left who are profoundly lonely. The day centres, lunch clubs, may be considered outmoded models, but the need left behind continues. They filled the need of those most vulnerable to meet others, spend time with others, build friendships and enjoy time together. They filled the loneliness gap. Continue reading