transport for london techy tea party

Tea and Technology with Transport for London

“When Susie proposed the Techy Tea Parties as a volunteering opportunity for our team, I didn’t hesitate to participate. I thought that it would be an excellent opportunity to provide a service to older people and learn from them at the same time.”

Last week, Susanna Bass of Transport for London wrote about setting up a Techy Tea Party for older Londoners here at Age UK London. This week, Susanna’s colleague Carmen Muriana Cobo discusses her experience of the day’s events.

The Patience of a Volunteer?

I taught my mum to use the computer. And it took the patient of a saint. I love my mum, but I got very close to breaking off all contact and going out to adoption. To be fair, she got close to disowning me. At the time I suggested that just as you should never get your husband/wife to teach you to drive, your children shouldn’t teach you to use a computer.

So what’s the solution?