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Older Londoners and the ‘New Normal’

As the lockdown progressively eases, it is important to remember that vulnerable people are still requiring our support and will continue to do so when we adapt to ‘the new normal’. Su Elliott, Membership Secretary of Wandsworth Older Peoples’ Forum, has been regularly checking up on its members throughout this lockdown. You can find below her latest report.

‘When I was a girl there was a hymn we sang at school, “How Long, Oh Lord, How Long?” and during this lockdown I’m frequently reminded of it.

Most of our members are pegging along as ever – coping and managing. There’s been a feeling of Groundhog Day as lockdown has continued without any real sense of an ending and nothing really marks out one day as different from another.

There is a general feeling that guidelines about meeting up – even though they have now been “eased” to a certain extent – are far from clear; but that people have enough common sense not to congregate in a gaggle on Wandsworth Common and breathe all over each other. Members of the Forum have no real desire, much as they miss their grandchildren and other members of their families, to put anyone in danger and seem to be sensible and cautious.

There is annoyance at the strictures on the Freedom Pass, though that will probably materialise properly when we can all get about a bit more – very few members are using public transport at the moment. Unfortunately there have been deaths – not always virus-related – and there is growing concern by and for people who have immediate family stranded overseas.

As ever, communication is vital for people to feel informed and secure, and people just don’t feel they are being told enough.’

Su Elliott

Su Elliott is the Membership Secretary of Wandsworth Older Peoples’ Forum.

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