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You and Your Vote are Important!

Maybe no-one has said this to you for a while but it’s true – if you are reading this then you are either over 60, or interested in the issues surrounding the over 60s and how to make things better in later life. That means that for Age UK London, you are very important! 

Sometimes it is easy to get cynical about politics. It is very tempting to say “well my vote won’t make a difference”, and certainly given the level of public debate on issues it is easy to see why people don’t want to engage with the political process. For example the Brexit debate consisted of one side saying “This will happen!”, and the other side going “No it won’t!” – and that was it. Pretty much nothing else.

But we do live in a democracy, which means we do all get a say in electing the people who run our services and in May it will be the turn of the London Boroughs to elect their councillors for the next four years.

What will they do for older people? Do they know what older people want and need? And how can you make sure that the voice of older people is heard?

Well firstly, Age UK London is preparing our manifesto for older people for the May elections and we want you to help us craft it. Tell us what you think the councils in London should be doing for older people, and we’ll use your views to create our vision for later life in London.

You can join in by clicking here, and by doing this you’ll be helping create a better London for older people.

And secondly, in the year when we celebrate 100 years of women getting the vote – make sure you get out and use yours!

Paul Goulden

Paul has been our Chief Executive since November 2016.

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