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Fun, Friends, and Food – An Open Letter to Staff

Dear Age UK London and Healthwatch City of London,


After 3 and half years I can’t believe I’m leaving you all. It feels like just yesterday I was sheepishly sitting in the doorway, waiting for my interview. Frightened for my life! I remember Sharon and everybody on the front desk welcoming me in. I smiled as I knew from then on I’d feel right at home… and now here I am three and half years later, ready to move on!

I’ve gained so much experience in my time here (with a special thanks to Lynn for all of her personal development tasks).


  • Raised donations for a local Age UK shop
  • Met the Mayor of London, and got a cool picture that looks like I’m shouting at him (in reality we were just talking…)
  • Helped young people to assist older people to use the Internet
  • Eaten a LOT of free food, and earned the nickname “Hoover” as a result.
  • Coordinated partnerships to improve health for young people in the City of London
  • Made some lifelong friends
  • Helped to protect older people from rogue traders
  • Worn an inflatable Santa suit, much to the hilarity and embarrassment of my co-workers.

I feel so privileged and blessed to have worked with such a lovely bunch of people. It’s going to be hard to leave you all, but it’s great to leave knowing that older Londoners have a group of dedicated people looking out for them.

I have a few words of advice to you all… Feel free to get these printed as motivational posters!

  1. Work hard. Eat harder.
  2. When in doubt, get your “Desk Snacks” out.
  3. Ask yourself, WWCD (What Would Carl Do?) – Hint: The answer is almost always “eat more”
  4. Never stop being passionate about the causes you fight for!

As I’ve said to many of you, it’s not goodbye. I’ll be back to come and get all the unfinished food later. Until then, and forevermore, you’ll all hold a special place in my heart.

Thanks for the laughs, memories and free food!


Carl Francis.

Carl Francis

Carl Francis is a budding activist who is passionate about food… and also passionate about fighting for justice. Find out more on his Youtube Channel:

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