Dilnot: When Will They Grasp the Nettle?

Older peoples, families and local authorities around the country are looking for leadership and certainty in the question of funding adult social care.

Every year the question of funding adult social care becomes more pressing, as pressures on budgets become tighter. The sooner a framework for funding and a timeframe for implementation are agreed, the sooner families and local authorities can plan for the future. Doing nothing is not an option.

The Dilnot Commission provided a framework for the funding of adult social care. We need politicians to agree a funding solution which gives the clarity and certainty that Dilnot offered. Every delay adds to the increasing funding gap that needs to be bridged.

Social care provides the very essentials of life to the most frail older people in our society: support with eating, dressing and bathing. Surely this must be our priority. We need politicians to grasp the nettle, and start making real decisions now.

Sam Mauger

Sam Mauger has been working in the third sector for 14 years, managing partnerships with borough based and regionally based statutory authorities and independent Age Concerns / Age UKs as well as other charitable organisations. She has managed the large scale operational delivery of health and social care in the voluntary sector and has been instrumental in developing consultation with older people to support policy and service delivery development in London.

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